The next step I will need to take in making a better Pavilion design is to make my idea stronger and more interesting. I decided to gather some more photographic research from the internet to get some new ideas for a more striking yet simple digital shape. My new inspirations came from structural furniture and installations made from common recycled materials that we usually throw away almost immediately. Some of these are remains of plumbing tubes, mineral bottles, paper and cardboard tubes, cardboard off cuts and much more. If used in the best way possible these recycled materials can create very captivating forms and useful objects. 

Some of these pictures show different types of seating created in the most simplest of ways and with simple materials especially the ones made of cardboard. With a little bit of imagination and creativity we can come up with effective designs.

How I can progress my design?
When my tutors and I initially chose the Pavilion design I should continue working on we all agreed that I should make it a edgier, open and also stretch it a bit more since it was too intimate and small. I need to come up with a simple idea to continue with the same flow of tubes without loosing foremost the original design or the idea of intimacy and mystery. Primarily I will solve all problems in the first model and come up with a better use of openings and seating to create a flowing pavilion.