Right after the hand in of our proposals we started consulting our tutors for Units 13 & 17 to choose one of the three proposals and start working on task 3 in, which we need to submit the finalized concept. Although the process took a lot of time and discussions i was lucky enough to have a mutual opinion from all 3 tutors. They also helped me by giving out their opinions on how I could make the concept stronger design wise and also in construction ideas. Although my tutors had a mutual discussion it was my responsibility to choose and take the design further. I chose the same design because although I was affectionate to all three proposals it was the strongest one and totally different from my colleagues proposals.

Now that my tutors and I chose the best design I started to research some construction methods and materials I can use in the final project, however the most important aspect at the moment is the Location. I chose a very open area with a lot of advantages as much as disadvantages, however I would like to take a risk and make the most out of it. I mainly chose this part if the school because it is large enough to hold a large number of people around the Pavilion without distracting the flow in movement and I can also take advantage of the nice view and open space for lighting.