The ZA11 Structure is boastful Pavilion design fabricated for the 2011 ZA11 Speaking Architecture event in Cluj, Romania. This pavilion was designed by students Dimitrie Stefanescu, Patrick Bedarf & Bogdan Hambasan in an avant-garde manner with the restrictions of a very low budget and an extremely doubtful professional context. However as one can admire they managed to come up with a very unexpected project, which is now considered as a sensation in Cluj. 

The final design consists of 746 unique pieces, which, once assembled, create a geometrical shelter, made from numerous irregular deep hexagons. These shapes form on open-air wooden ring that’s looks contrastingly quite industrial and raw. This Pavilion is also a perfect example for a digital computational design, that we need to explore in this Unit since it’s rendered in detail with the use of ‘Grasshopper’ design software.

I chose this example as one of my Pavilion case studies because it’s very interesting,providing a professional and flexible way to exhibit new events for all types of ages some of which were a temporary bookshop stand, an open-air cinema, small concerts and a place for peace and tranquillity under the sun. I also liked the fact that the temporary pavilion can be easily dismantled and the wood can be recycled, since I myself am looking at environment friendly designs and materials for my final design.

By means of this Blog I wish to thank one of the students participating in this design for taking the time to help with my research by answering my questions in a very short period of time.
Thanks a lot!