This temporary shelter pavilion was especially made for a competition in the small village of Winnipeg in Canada, where cold weather and skating environments are one of the main attractions in winter. This pavilion/shelter was a nice way to marry together both the idea of practicality and sustainability where the Patkau Architects decided to design these bent plywood structures that form a group of wooden huts that people from cold weather and other elements.

I like the interaction of each hut in connection to the others and the juxtaposition created in between all huts, which is also intimate for the people inside. The huts can also move freely with the various forces of wind and gently creak and sway to keep the people inside aware of the weather outside without feeling cold. 

Apart from the interaction of the huts all together I simply love the idea of connection with the surroundings with the showing wood texture in such a deserted scenario where a lot of color is missing. Although the shapes are not the same I like the sleek design and the soft polish on the wood. I think it’s such a nice idea where the users are getting more aquatinted with design on a daily basis.