Another assignment for this semester is coming up with a TV Scenography design for the Media Studio in our Institute, where Foundation Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Media Yr 1 are working on a Youth TV Program called “Int Min Int?” (“Who Are You?”)

This program features students and their works, performances by artists, bands and entertainers and news. 

Coming up with a holistic design for this TV Studio is very intriguing however needs a lot of research and inspiration ideas mainly from other TV Scenography of the same kind.

I started with T4 Production Studio, which is a scheduled strand of Programmes aired on channel 4. This slot is a teen daytime entertainment programme targeted for the public between 16 and 34 years of age, including a variety of meeting celebrities, live band gigs, news and information. 

This year the channel decided to revamp the studio with a more contemporary setting, a unique and fresher design, planned by TV Production Designer Rudi Thackray. The new studio scenography gives a sense of coherency and continuation throughout the whole design ticking the criteria of a fun and energetic mood using big pieces or furniture and brightly colored accessories.

The first thing that your eyes are drawn to is the backdrop made up of numerous LED Neon Lights, Perspex and a lot of coloured panels positioned at an angle to give a sense of energy, speed and connection. I really like the idea and I would try to create the same kind of mood and use bright light and vibrant colors like these Magenta Red, Cyan Blue and Lime Green together with a lot of soothing white and cream combinations for my final design. I think it easily draws the followers to the program and make the guests more fun and at ease. The rest of the furniture and materials are very similar giving a sense of space and fresh vibe with a large platform for performances and the presenters to walk around freely. 

Right under the platform runs a curvy white upholstered soft contouring the edge of the stage giving enough space for guests to sit down composedly and relax without feeling uncomfortable on TV.

As one can see from all the photos the design is very minimal and all furniture is kept simple so it doesn’t look crammed. Most of the pieces in this set is also modular so all pieces can be moved around strategically or removed for the directors needs. 

Overall I was very inspired by the shapes and colours used in this Set design because I think they achieved a good design with the same typology of the program itself, which is very lively and youthful.

Images by Owen Billcliffe