Freshly Squeezed is another programme on the British Independent Channel 4. It’s a music-based show, featuring celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes exclusives, videos and live studio performances. This also makes part of the T4 slot however with a different theme and set design. This set is much smaller than the T4 Studio and incorporates much less furniture however I must say I was somewhat stimulated by the atmosphere, different mood and type of accessories used to make the simple design more appealing for this type of programme.

Mags Di Ceglie from Remedy Productions designed the set with few elements and hip vibe through various sections and divisions in the studio. All sections bear a completely different design however there’s a somewhat holistic atmosphere. All the parts are decorated with very subtle colours and materials like light blue, baby pink, lilac, soft orange and white with hints of brighter colours in furniture and bold patterns. This makes the whole setting look young and vibrant yet calm and playful. The main area is the biggest part and although it may not look the most interesting I will describe this section.

Although it’s quite a nice design considering the amount of limitation in space and restriction in design I was more interested in the second part of this set, which is more relaxed yet punchy and vivid. The furniture is the same however the set is transformed with a total black background and flooring making it more snuck and intimate together with a ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Neon Sign and ready made vintage furniture.

Images from YouTube