The second example is Dygnet Runt TV which, means ‘Around the Clock’ translated in Swedish and as the name describes this programme concerns everything that’s happening around the younger generations. Michaela Green was the set designer for the Dygnet Runt Tv, which is a Swedish TV Show, broadcasted on Channel Local Scania.  

The designer’s aim for the ‘Around the Clock’ studio in Sweden was to include a range of graphic shapes that were later developed into 3D shapes, environment divisions and furniture. Although this set has a lot of restrictions and is too small I was inspired by the composition and colors used through the whole design, making it more edgy and contemporary. It is simply made from similar geometrical shapes mostly cubes and rectangles featured in seating and backdrop panels. It is lacking texture and power because all of the furniture and accessories are made from the same surfaces and materials however on the other hand I’m quite astonished with the lighting design, which is made up of very simple things and makes up most of the set design.

On the whole the overall design is very interesting especially that pop of bright color in a very blend colour scheme and I also like the way the furniture continues with the rest of the set by means of color and graphics that go up all the way to the backdrop panels.