The ‘Dream Weaver’ Pavilion was a design proposal by Amy Nelson as collaboration with Architect Luis Rivera for the Governor’s Island in New York by means of the ‘City Of Dreams 2011’ Competition. The goal of this contest is to create a pavilion that has net zero impact and that serves as an interactive source with sustainable materials and means of construction. Inevitably, the result of the ‘Dream Weaver’ amongst other efficient designs will change the harmful habits of other designs and structures that have driven the world to its current state.

Since most of the times Wooden Pallets are thrown away or burnt after use since they are supplied with each shipment by a shipping agency, a few designers are trying to recycle these pallets for other projects. Like this proposal, which is made entirely of recycled wooden pallets for 100% resourcefulness. Since the pavilion is made from numerous European size wooden pallets it also makes it even more durable and stable.

I really admire the use of such a material in a very eco-friendly manner and I wish more of these structures are designed and used permanently in strategic places all over the world. I will also try and come up with a similar proposal for my Pavilion design.