One of the assignments this year is giving a proposal for a pavilion design that will be used in the Annual End of Year Exhibition in the Institute of Art and Design. 

At first I felt quite hesitant because it’s quite difficult to come up with a design that tops off most of the designs I found through my research however after some research I found a book on 3D paper folding techniques & patterns, and I was sure it’d be a good way of inspiration for idea generation. I started experimenting with lots of geometrical lines and patterns and lots of unsuccessful experiments until one of the lecturers scheduled lessons was on these same paper folding techniques.

I admit I was quite disappointed that my initial inspiration was now used by all the students in my class however it helped me experiment more and stretch my designs more with other paper folding experiments.

I started with a simple with a basic vertical score pattern on the edge of an A4 sized paper after a lot of folding to get a neat form and continued of playing around with the pattern I achieved instead of repeating the same pattern on the paper.

I folded the pattern to form a circle to shape what looked like a flower. Although the shape is very simple I really liked the effect coming out form the centre of the paper fold. After some more experimentations with paper folding I took the designs to another level with some more detailing in my sketches.


Photos by Tracy Grech
Canon 500D